Marco Menegardi

One evening, while taking a break during my watch, I was browsing the web for information about the Trail and ended up on the CMP Trail site. Basically, it was love at first sight! Four things attracted me. First, an urge to explore the town of Bassano. Second, the run’s peculiar route, which I like to call “spurious”, with long flat stretches alternating with challenging climbs. Third, its meritocratic formula (increasingly outmoded, alas) which rewards the most deserving with a sponsorship, and, lastly, I was curious to know more about this new CMP brand that jostled for position on the market by organising a trail run. The first few runs can be risky, but I felt there were all the conditions for a successful outcome.
My impressions were proved right. You have to know how to regulate your energy, but the route was fun nonetheless. The first part is easy and tends to tempt you to push too hard. In the last part there’s the longest climb with stiff gradients and if you’ve already exhausted your energy you lose several minutes in a few kilometres.
Particularly notable were the crossing over Bassano bridge, arriving at the highest point of the final climb with a panoramic view of the town below, and entering Villa Angarano where there was a great, celebratory atmosphere. It all ended with a pasta and beer party against the fascinating backdrop of the villa. CMP Trail is a mixture of emotions; it has difficult, technical climbs but also stretches with fantastic views, which, in my opinion, are the elements that form the essence of trail running!
What do I expect in the next run?
Repeating last year’s run would be a success in itself, but I know the organisers are particularly demanding and perfectionist. I’ve heard about interesting new elements on the route to add further spice to an already-appetising dish. I’d also like to say – and you’ll see for yourselves – that you should pay attention to the organisational details, even those that seem irrelevant but that, overall, produce the quality of the event: from car parking to the event pack, booths, the refreshment points and the final pasta party. I also imagine there’ll be quite a high technical level. If you’re there, you’ll see!

Marco Menegardi
3rd overall placing with a time of 3' 44".
A member of the first CMP Trail Team