#runwithus: Training for everyone!

The first test run on the CMP Trail. A morning filled with sports and nature.
Eighty-five runners gathered at Villa Angarano in Bassano del Grappa on the morning of 6 May for the #runwithus event organised by ASD CMP4SPORT. This run brought together men and women, children and adults alike as everyone tested out the 7 km of the CMP YOUTH TRAIL 2017. This united group of runners made their way through the hills of the Bassano area, in the full spirit of what the organisers aimed to achieve: offering a non-competitive trail run that was meant to bring people together. Marco Olmo and all of the athletes from the Tornado Team took part, accompanying participants all along the route while offering advice and light-hearted banter. A refreshment station was set up inside the Villa at the end of the run. Here participants were also able to meet Marco Olmo and take photos with him.

The photos capture the spirit of the day and offer a complete look at the event!
All photos from the morning and updates about upcoming events can be found on our Facebook page!

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