Dolomia water, indispensable for sports.
Dolomia water is an ideal source of hydration.
It satisfies body’s needs during any type of physical activity. Ideal before exercise to avoid dehydration
and to replenish the fluids lost during the game. Also helps to recover.

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Dolomia, the water preferred by athletes !

Dolomia water distinguishes itself - from all mineral waters available - by exceptional purity, particularly high amount of naturally dissolved oxygen, highly alkaline pH ideal to fight the acidity in the body,
extremely low sodium content, and unique valuable mineral combination - as calcium, magnesium and bicarbonate - which make it particularly suitable for athletes.

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Dolomia water, its values: origin, purity, lightness, valuable minerals.

>>Oxygen O2 10.5 mg/L
Dolomia water: the highest value in the mineral water market.
Dolomia water stands out due to its high level of naturally dissolved oxygen.
Oxygen leads to an improvement in our general wellbeing, has an energizing effect and has specific beneficial effects on many of the human body’s organs.

>>pH 8.1
Dolomia water is one of those rare naturally alkaline waters.
The optimal alkaline pH of Dolomia is useful for reducing the acidity in the human body.

>>Bicarbonate HCO3- 157 mg/L
The concentration of bicarbonates is perfect thanks to the characteristics of the rock from which Dolomia water springs.
Together with its natural alkalinity, the presence of bicarbonate is useful for limiting acidosis caused by physical exercise.

>>Calcium Ca++ 27.4 mg/L
Dolomia water is characterised by the right concentration of calcium, an essential element for bone structure and and vital for physiological processes.

>>Magnesium Mg++ 14.7 mg/L
An essential natural supplement, magnesium also helps to regulate muscle contraction and is therefore
Particularl useful in athletes’ diets
Dolomia water guarantees magnesium intake, therefore helping to maintain the body’s balance and wellbeing.

>>Nitrates NO3- 2 mg/L & As <0.001 mg/L
Dolomia water, exceptional purity.

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Dolomia water is a true and exclusive excellence provided by nature.

Lightness and rare purity distinguish Dolomia mineral water. It springs from the rock in the Eastern Dolomites Mountains, a UNESCO World Heritage site, inside the Dolomiti Friulane Natural Park, in an enchanting place with breathtaking scenery of rare beauty and uncontaminated nature.
Dolomia mineral water is born in the high perennial snows and after being filtered through the mountain, stays in contact with the dolomite rock for decades, and takes from it the best mineral components, as well as its name.

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